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How to Activate Google Food Ordering

What if you could get a customer to start an order even before they visited your website?

With a little help from Google (and a preferred provider like Captain), you can capture new online customers with a single click. By turning on Google Food Ordering (GFO), each time a customer searches for you, they will see a big blue button to "Order Online." With one click, customers can view a menu and start their order. All you have to do is work with a provider like Captain who can process orders from Google.

Step 1: Turn on Google Food Ordering.

Sign in to Google My Business. If you have multiple locations, select the location you want to manage. Select "Food Ordering".

Step 2: Select your preferred provider.

Tell customers how you want them to order. To reduce fees to third-parties paid by you or your customers, set up Captain as your preferred provider. And while you can't entirely remove the option for third-parties you work with, you can let customers know that ordering directly from you is their best option.

Step 3: Remove third-party providers you have no relationship with.

If you have no business relationship with a provider that is showing up on your order page, Google can remove them as an option. To remove an unauthorized provider from your Google My Business Profile, use the opt out form.

Set up Google Food Ordering Now

Get started now with Google Food Ordering powered by Captain for just 3% per order.


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