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Get new customers and more orders with

Google Food Ordering

Powered by Captain

Ready to activate? Start now.

Google Food Ordering order online blue buttons on Google Maps

Customers will find your restaurant when searching relevant terms, such as “restaurants near me,” and will be prompted to order pickup or delivery directly from you.

Get customers to order from Google Search & Maps 

Google Food Ordering provider Captain

Bypass third-party provider fees and see more revenue per order by replacing third parties with Captain to fulfill your Google orders. 

​Avoid Paying Expensive Third-Party Fees

Google Food Ordering Captain POS system for managing orders

Captain-processed Google Food Orders are seamlessly routed to your POS or the Captain App, allowing you to manage orders, and view valuable customer data insights.

​Save Time With a Streamlined Ordering Process

Google Food Ordering free

No hidden fees,

or costs-per-click.

Google Food Ordering free trial

Try it FREE for your first 30 days. Not satisfied? Cancel anytime.

Google Food Ordering payments with Stripe

No credit card required. Only pay when you receive new orders.

​Ready to get new customers and increase sales at your restaurant?

Pricing that fits your business

See more of your order revenue than you would with third-party providers.
With Google Food Ordering by Captain, you only pay on completed orders—that’s it.

Google Food Ordering order online blue buttons on Google Maps

Reach new customers in your area

Your competitors are winning the restaurant discovery game. They’re getting extra real estate and converting more customers because they’ve activated their Google Food Ordering buttons.

When you activate Google Food Ordering, you'll see:

  • Increased order volume by 20-25%, instantly

  • No changes to your backend restaurant process

  • No changes to your customer experience

  • No upfront fees: only pay when you get orders

​Google Food Ordering with Captain

"​We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Google to provide restaurants with access to Google Food Ordering, a powerful tool to reach new online customers and increase sales...

Google Food Ordering Article #1 The Galley - Captain For Restaurants Blog

​How to Activate Google Food Ordering

"​What if you could get a customer to start an order even before they visited your website? With a little help from Google, you can capture new online customers with a single click...

Google Food Ordering Article #2 The Galley - Captain For Restaurants Blog

​Take Control of Your GFO Before Anyone Else Does

​"Google has been airing ads nationwide about helping local businesses. Google Food Ordering allows online customers to discover and order from restaurants instantly...

Google Food Ordering Article #3 The Galley - Captain For Restaurants Blog

​Want to learn more?

Want to learn more? Read about Google Food Ordering in our blog: The Galley, where you will also find the latest insights in restaurant technology.

The Galley - Captain For Restaurants Blog

Google Food Ordering empowers customers to order from your restaurant without ever leaving Google. When they do a search, you can show up in the results or on the map, and customers can order straight away by clicking the big blue buttons. 

What is Google Food Ordering?

Google Food Ordering puts you in front of a much larger pool of potential customers that are already searching for restaurants on Google, thus, increasing your sales and enhancing your customer relationships. In order to enable Google Food Ordering, you need to work with an approved provider. This is where Captain comes in.

How can Google Food Ordering help my restaurant?

With Google Food Ordering by Captain, you only pay a 3% fee on completed orders—that’s it. No subscription fees, no minimums. Only pay for results.

How much does Google Food Ordering cost?

You can receive Google Food Orders to any device running the Captain app—mobile, tablet, desktop computer—or even via email or SMS if that’s what you prefer. You can also integrate Google Food Orders into your Point of Sale system by working with one of our POS partners like Square, Otter or Chowly. See all integrations here.

How do I receive Google Food Orders in my restaurant?

Captain integrates with DoorDash Drive and most local delivery providers to help you deliver your Google Food Orders. Or if you want to self-deliver, that’s great too.

What about delivery orders?

Schedule a demo today or click here if you are ready to sign up. 

How do I get started with Google Food Ordering?

Frequently Asked Questions