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Google Food Ordering with Captain

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Google to provide restaurants with access to Google Food Ordering (GFO), a powerful tool to help independent restaurants reach new online customers and increase sales.

Over 80% of takeout and delivery orders start on Google. Now, customers can complete their orders there too.

Google Food Ordering allows you to capture online customers with a single click. Whether customers search for a restaurant by name, type in “restaurant near me” or “pizza” they’ll see a big blue button to "Order Online." In the past, these orders were filled primarily by third-parties, like Postmates. But now, Captain operates behind the scenes to integrate with Google so customers can order directly without even clicking on your restaurant’s website.

What is Google Food Ordering?

Tell customers how you want them to order. To reduce fees to third-parties paid by you or your customers, set up Captain as your preferred provider. And while you can't entirely remove the option for third-parties you work with, you can let customers know that ordering directly from you is their best option.

Google Food Ordering helps reduce third-party fees

One a customer chooses to order pick-up or delivery, Google Food Ordering allows restaurants to designate a preferred provider to avoid third-party fees

Google Food Ordering makes order completion easier

With just a few clicks a customer can complete their order, making it less likely they will drop-out before they checkout. Google Food Orders processed by Captain are automatically routed to the Captain App.

Google Food Ordering provides consumer data

Unlike third-party apps which don’t always share consumer information with restaurants, Google Food Ordering provides robust customer data that can be used for targeted marketing.

Google Food Ordering increased more than 230% in the last year

And it's poised to continue to grow, giving independent restaurants a unique opportunity to reach new customers and grow their sales.

Set up Google Food Ordering Now

Get started now with Google Food Ordering powered by Captain for just 3% per order.


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