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Take Control of Your Google Food Ordering Before Anyone Else Does

Google has been airing ads nationwide about helping local businesses. One way they are helping local restaurants is with Google Food Ordering (GFO), which allows online customers to discover and order from restaurants with a single click. Whether customers search for a restaurant by name, type in “restaurant near me” or “pizza” they’ll see a big blue button to "Order Online.”

Since Google is too massive to integrate with every restaurant in the country, they rely on providers like Captain to coordinate menu updates and process orders. Unfortunately, third-parties like Postmates and Slice figured out early that they can use Google Food Ordering to siphon off customers without the cooperation of individual restaurants and then charge those restaurants or customers for each order they process.

So it is critical that you turn Google Food Ordering to make sure those orders are coming directly to you. With one simple decision, you can block third parties from accessing your orders and stealing your customer data.

Google wants to help customers find your restaurant and order instantly, but it’s up to you to access your Google My Business account and make sure that your blue buttons send customers directly to you through an approved provider like Captain.

Set up Google Food Ordering Now

Get started now with Google Food Ordering powered by Captain for just 3% per order.


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