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Enhancing relationships between restaurants and their customers.

As an experiment born in the garage of Northwestern University, a team of ex-Grubhub leadership and restaurant tech veterans came together to test a unique data-and-diner centered approach with a few local restaurants in Evanston. Our restaurants saw massive growth as they converted one-off customers into long-term regulars with increased order sizes and greater lifetime values. We knew we had something that could help local restaurants nationwide. And thus, Captain was born.


Captain uses first-party digital ordering, data insights and diner engagement to help independent restaurants take control of their customer relationships and grow their businesses.

Making waves in the news


Chicago Inno

A team of ex-Grubhubers is helping restaurants fight back against food delivery giants


The Takeout

Former Grubhub employees now working to protect restaurants from Grubhub



Former Grubhub employees now working to protect restaurants from Grubhub

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Restaurant Hospitality

Captain helps restaurant operators with direct ordering capabilities. 

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