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150+ years of combined restaurant tech experience

In 2018, a team of ex-Grubhub leadership and restaurant tech veterans (from Seamless, Ritual, etc.) came together in the garage at Northwestern University. Together, they set out to test a unique data-centered approach with a few local restaurants in Evanston, IL.


These restaurants saw massive growth as they converted one-off customers into long-term regulars with increased order sizes and greater lifetime values. We knew we had something that could help local restaurants nationwide.


And thus, Captain was born.

Captain for Restaurants Expert Tech Team on Zoom
Michael Saunders - Captain For Restaurants

Michael Saunders


Tom Hayden - Captain For Restaurants

Tom Hayden


Daniela Sterba - Captain For Restaurants

Daniela Sterba


Rich Reising - Captain For Restaurants

Rich Reising


Bradley Johnson - Captain For Restaurants

Bradley Johnson

Client Relations

Kevan Loy - Captain For Restaurants

Kevan Loy


Ryan Teo - Captain For Restaurants

Ryan Teo


Jason Moosikkamol - Captain For Restaurants

Jason Moosikkamol


Chris Guzek - Captain For Restaurants

Chris Guzek


Anthony Bransford - Captain For Restaurants

Anthony Bransford


Scott Wilson - Captain For Restaurants

Scott Wilson


Regina Morfin


Julia Jakubek


Heather Lustig


Meet the crew

Meet the team of industry veterans supporting your restaurant's growth.

Chicago Inno

"A team of ex-Grubhubers is helping restaurants fight back against food delivery giants"

The Takeout

"Former Grubhub employees now working to protect restaurants from Grubhub"

Yahoo News

"Former Grubhub employees now working to protect restaurants from Grubhub"

Restaurant Hospitality

"Captain helps restaurant operators with direct ordering capabilities"

Making waves in the news

For press inquiries, contact us.

Captain For Restaurants Team Photo

Enhancing relationships between restaurants and their customers.

Captain is an online ordering, data analytics and customer engagement company. Captain builds products to help local restaurants grow their customer relationships.

At Captain, our goal is to help restaurants connect with their customers by providing powerful technology, data, and marketing expertise. We help restaurants capture, retain, and rebuild relationships with customers who have otherwise been lost to third-party marketplaces, area competitors and/or ineffective ordering platforms.

Our mission is to help independent restaurants remain truly independent. 

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​​It's time to take full control of your online presence. Let's find a growth plan that suits your restaurant.

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​Curious to learn about how we can grow your restaurant? Let's connect you with an expert from our team.

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Download the Captain App on any device. Use it on your kitchen tablet as a home base, on your office desktop for admin use, or on your phone for on-the-go order management.

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