• Daniela Sterba

What Is A QR Code And Why Does Your Restaurant Need One?

Updated: Jun 8

Restaurants are using QR codes to offer contact-free ordering experiences for their customers to keep both staff and diners safe.

What is a QR code?

A QR code is a standardized way to store and visually represent machine-readable data, such as a website address. QR codes (short for Quick Response) can be quickly scanned by a cell phone camera to open a webpage on a user's mobile device.

How restaurants are using QR codes:

Restaurant’s are using QR codes on printed materials to provide contactless experiences for their guests. Think window posters (“scan to order online”), table toppers (“scan to view our menu”), and printed receipts (“scan to pay”).

How to create a QR code for your restaurant:

After deciding which webpage you want your QR code to point to, you will need to create the code. There are plenty of free options as well as paid ones that offer premium features available online. Restaurants using Captain online ordering can create QR codes from their dashboard (our QR tools give restaurant operators the flexibility and tracking capabilities available through paid services). A free QR code generator might be just what you need, but there are two good reasons to spend a few bucks a month on paid QR code generator service: flexibility and tracking.

Flexibility: With free options, the webpage linked to your QR code is set in stone. Paid options enable you to change the web destination that your QR code points to even after it’s been created. If you ever want to update your existing QR code to point to a new location, like a new PDF menu on your website, you can simply update the location the code points to instead of having to reprint your marketing materials. Tracking: Want to know how many times that poster in your window or your table topper has been scanned? A paid service can give you data and insights which will let you know what’s working and what isn’t.