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How to use Google My Business to grow your restaurant's sales

Whether someone is typing your restaurant’s name into Google search or scanning maps for “restaurants near me" you have a huge opportunity to win over new customers before they even click on your website. Google My Business (GMB) is the business profile that shows up on the right side of a Google search or to the left of a Google Map.

By taking advantage of your Google My Business profile, you can drive more business to your restaurant.

Step 1: Claim your Google My Business profile.

Make sure customers get the most up-to-date information. Sign into your Google My Business account and check the following: Are the hours accurate? Is it the right phone number? Are there appetizing photos? Google is offering you prime real estate on your customers' screens, so make the most of that space by taking control of your profile and using it to showcase the things that make your restaurant unique.

Step 2: Climb the search rankings by adding categories and attributes to Google My Business.

The number one reason restaurants don't show up in more searches is the lack of categories and attributes. Select multiple categories so you can show up in a variety of searches, the more specific you can be the better.

Restaurants can select one primary category and up to nine additional categories. For instance, your primary category might be Mexican Restaurant but you can also choose Taco Restaurant, Burrito Restaurant, Meal Delivery and Takeout Restaurant so you rank at the top when people search for a more specific craving.

The more categories and attributes you list, the higher your restaurant will rank and the easier it will be for customers to find you.

Are you kid-friendly? Do you offer vegetarian options? Are you open late? Let customers know by adding multiple attributes to your Google My Business page. This way, when someone searches “late-night vegetarian taco takeout,” you’re more likely to be shown as a search result.

We created a list of available Google My Business categories and attributes specifically for restaurants to help.

Step 3: Use Google My Business to promote direct ordering.

Make sure you highlight the best way to order directly from you, because chances are, third parties are already using your Google My Business page to get your customers to order from them instead. Under the section titled Order ahead links, you can link to your official ordering page and set it as your preferred link by clicking the star icon. This will be indicated to your customers and help them order direct.

Step 4: Activate Google Food Ordering

Turn the “Order Online” button on, and select your preferred provider. Click here to learn more about Google Food Ordering and how to activate it.

Step 5: Use Google My Business data to learn about your customers.

Google My Business is full of free information about how many people are engaging with your restaurant online. What percentage viewed your profile with Google Search? How many used Google Maps? Which searches triggered your Business Profile?

You can also find out what happened once they found you? Did they call? Get directions? Visit your website? Google has compiled all that information for you and it’s free.

Google wants to help you connect with customers. Put the tech giant to work for you by using Google My Business to give people a preview of all the things that make your restaurant unique.


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