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Food Fight - an IRL blockchain experience by Supper Club x Solana

Supper Club—Captain's Web3 wallet for the future of dining—hosted an IRL event in Chicago in partnership with Solana, to show off the power of Web3 and demonstrate how wallets will usher in a disruptive wave of innovation in online ordering.

What is Supper Club? Supper Club is a Web3 wallet built by Captain. Club members can eat at restaurants to earn rewards through fun games and experiences, whilst restaurants gain access to a community of loyal customers, cutting out middlemen like DoorDash, Grubhub, Visa & MasterCard.

“We are early. People need to experience Web3 to really understand its potential. That’s why we put this event together”

Mike Saunders, CEO Captain

The event: Food Fight, an IRL experience with food, beer & prizes.

Food Fight was designed as a fun way to bridge IRL experiences with on-chain transactions and highlight the power of Solana Pay. About 100 attendees showed up to experience the fun, and many made a blockchain transaction for the first time.

Upon arriving, attendees downloaded the Supper Club app, entered the Food Fight in-app event, and received a starter kit airdrop. The kit included promotional $FOODCOIN to purchase food, redeemable drink ticket NFTs, as well as just enough SOL to cover transaction fees.

Why Solana? Because Solana transactions cost ~4 hundredths of a penny. And, they’re FAST. It just works.

All event interactions happened as transactions powered by Solana Pay. We served Cruz Blanca beer and Portillo’s dogs & burgers, which were purchased through the app with $FOODCOIN. To facilitate transactions, we built the Solana Pay protocol into a lightweight Point-Of-Sale tablet where users could move tokens from their wallet to a merchant wallet by scanning a QR code.

The event was centered around a quest to help our three Foodmoji characters find the ingredients they lost during a food fight.

To begin the experience, users selected a Foodmoji character. Then, they were tasked with finding their Foodmoji's lost toppings—cheese for the burger, syrup for the pancake, mustard for the hot dog, etc. These toppings took the form of NFT game pieces scattered around the venue, which players could collect by tapping their phone on a faucet.

[Faucets are real world nexus points that drip out NFTs when tapped with an NFC reader].

Finally, to make the experience even more engaging, we experimented with a swap mechanism that allowed users to trade ingredients without the need for an escrow. For example, if a burger player accidentally found a syrup NFT, they could initiate a trade with a pancake player.

The quest ended with people trading in their game pieces for a commemorative Series Zero Foodmoji NFT. And, everyone went home with cool Solana swag 😎

For us at Captain, this event was proof that crypto winter isn’t forever. With utility built directly into wallets and fun experiences enabled by the blockchain, it's clear that mass adoption is coming. Burgers 🍔, burritos 🌯 and pizza 🍕 will help bring Web3 to the next 100mm users—because everyone eats.

This event would not have been possible without Solana, Holaplex, Stacked and Cruz Blanca. This event is just the beginning for Supper Club. We have a roadmap for future events and more wallet features. Follow us on twitter for early access

Interested in hosting an event in a different city? Reach out to


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