It all starts with online ordering, so give your diners a 5-star digital experience.

Customers expect not just an ordering tool, but a cohesive experience from the moment they reach your website to the second they get their order confirmation. Our proprietary ordering software is used by thousands of restaurants both small and large.


The best part? It’s 100% your brand. At Captain, restaurants come first—we support you behind the scenes.

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Your brand

Menu photography

Easy reordering

Order in advance

Coupon creation

Log in with Facebook, Google, Apple

SMS status updates

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Reach your customers

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Don’t have delivery drivers? We have your solution.

We’ll help you grow your business by connecting you with best-in-class delivery solutions to fulfill orders.


With a delivery system in place, you’ll reach new customers—literally.

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Backend tools to help you run your business.

We’ve designed a world class order and menu management system so you can run your restaurant on the fly. We’ll send you a tablet, but you can instantly 86 items, pause orders, edit your hours and more, from any device.


We also integrate with your POS system.

Combine world class ordering capabilities with data insights and diner engagement actions.


Let us serve you.

It's time to take full control of your online presence. Let's find a growth plan that suits your restaurant.


We are hiring!

Our movement is growing. Fast.

If you’re passionate about supporting local restaurants, check out our careers page.