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Unlock Valuable Customer Data

Captain gives you data insights based on your customer behavioral patterns, so that you can target specific customers with individualized actions that help you build relationships.

Captain Insight Cards - Data Analytics & Customer Insights For Restaurants

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

How do your customers interact with your restaurant? Are they ordering every Sunday night for family dinner? Do they pick up a lunch salad every afternoon? Understanding these insights about your customers will help you create actions that turn casual visitors into loyal diners.

Here's what your customer relationships look like now:

Here's what your relationships look like with Captain:

Jack S. ordered online ($20)

Website Visitor



Anonymous User

Clicked on your Facebook Ad

Jack S.

Placed an Uber Eats order ($18)

Lifetime Spend

💸 $859.25

Avg. Order Size

💰 $24.55


🎂 June 9

Most engaged platform

💻 Facebook

Favorite item to order

🌮 Chicken Taco

Activity Log

Visited our website at 12:01 PM

Provided email on website at 12:04 PM

Added Chicken Taco to cart at 12:12 PM

Placed first order ($22) at 12:15 PM

Left review on Yelp (5 stars) at 1:32 PM

Jack Sparrow

⭐ 35 orders



Captain Insights Restaurant Growth - Data Analytics & Customer Insights For Restaurants

Understand Your Data =

Increase Your Order Volume

When you understand your customers and their ordering habits, you’ll be able to communicate with them in a way that is personal and specific. 

Building data-driven relationships is the key to creating loyal customers and driving sales revenue.

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​​It's time to take full control of your online presence. Let's find a growth plan that suits your restaurant.

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Download the Captain App on any device. Use it on your kitchen tablet as a home base, on your office desktop for admin use, or on your phone for on-the-go order management.

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