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Understand your customers


Your restaurant extends beyond your dining room. 
Get to know all of your customers—
regardless of how they order. 

Here's what your relationships look like without Captain:


Jack S. ordered online ($20)


Website Visitor




Anonymous User

Clicked on your Facebook Ad


Jack S.

Placed an Uber Eats order ($18)

Here's what your relationships look like with Captain:


Jack Sparrow

⭐ 35 orders



Lifetime spend

💸 $859.25

Avg. order size

💰 $24.55


🎂 June 9

Most engaged platform

💻 Facebook

Favorite item to order

🌮 Chicken Taco

Dec 10

Visited our website at 12:01 PM

Provided email on website at 12:04 PM

Added Chicken Taco to cart at 12:12 PM

Placed first order ($22) at 12:15 PM

Left review on Yelp (5 stars) at 1:32 PM

Listen, understand & take action.

How do your customers interact with your restaurant? The first step in any relationship is to listen and learn. Are they ordering every Sunday night for family dinner? Do they pick up a quick bite in the middle of the day? If you know these things about your in-store customers, you should know them about your digital customers too.

Plus, when you understand your customers you can build relationships by taking those insights and turning them into actions.

Combine world-class data insights with digital ordering and effective marketing actions.

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