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Captain For Restaurants - Henry Cerdas, Irazu Costa Rican Restaurant & Catering

"For Irazú, Captain wasn't just another online ordering software. The Captain team empowered me to take control of my total online presence."



Captain For Restaurants - Irazu Costa Rican Restaurant & Catering Logo

Henry Cerdas

Irazú (Wicker Park)

Trusted by local Chicago restaurants

"We wanted to establish our online presence and have our online ordering system be a lot more user-friendly. And that's exactly what we were able to accomplish with Captain."


repeat order rate

Christian Flores

Chicago's Pizza (Lakeview, Ravenswood)

Captain For Restaurants - Faraz Sardharia, Tandoor Char House

“We opened a new location with Captain. All we did was send out an email and the whole world knows. Our customers would have never known if we didn't have this long list of emails, put together by Captain.”


order volume

Captain For Restaurants - Tandoor Char House Logo

Faraz Sardharia

Tandoor (Lincoln Park, River North)

Ready to


​​It's time to take full control of your online presence. Let's find a growth plan that suits your restaurant.

About us

At Captain, our goal is to help restaurants connect with their customers by providing powerful technology, data, and marketing expertise. We help restaurants capture, retain, and rebuild relationships with customers who have otherwise been lost to third-party marketplaces, area competitors and/or ineffective ordering platforms.


Our mission is to help independent restaurants remain truly independent. 

Captain For Restaurants Team Photo

First, we'll clean up your Google presence to attract people in your area

Most searches for food start on Google, unfortunately, third-parties, etc. make it difficult and many times, you end up buried and not showing up where you should be. 

We are here to make sure that when a customer looks for you, they find you. 

Second, we'll redesign your website to better engage with your customers

When a customer lands on your website, it’s the same as if they would be walking into your restaurant for the first time. You need to make sure they get the best first impression & a great experience. 


We are here to help you build a website that represents who you are, is mobile optimized, gives your customers the best possible experience and gives you the opportunity to build a customer list.

Third, we'll help you convert website visitors into paying customers

We will give you the keys to your own Online Ordering software. Our proprietary software is designed to increase conversion rates, making sure that if a customer begins an order, they end up placing it. 

You will have control of your menu management, brand & color customization and photos.  

Fourth, we'll help you understand how to target your customers

Through data and reporting, we will help you understand who your online customers are. With Captain, you own 100% of your customer data, we are just here to help you understand it and take action on it. From customer’s emails, to getting to know who your top customers are, what their favorite dishes are and when they are most likely to order again.

Fifth, we'll run marketing campaigns to increase customer loyalty and average order size

Once you sign up with Captain, you have a team of Marketing experts behind you. We will help you communicate with your customers at the right time with the right message. From email, to print material, we are here for you. 

The Captain method works