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Bitcoin Pizza Partners with Captain to Power and Fulfill Online Ordering

Bitcoin Pizza (BP) is the world’s first decentralized pizzeria. The brand partners with local restaurants nationwide to deliver pizza and, true to their name, allocate funds from each order to benefit the Human Rights Foundation in making the Bitcoin network more private and resilient. In partnership with Captain, the brand launched delivery and pickup, as well as a Bitcoin payment integration, at 80+ locations.

Captain Delivers Fast Results

When BP sought to launch online ordering and Bitcoin integration at their brand, Captain delivered powerful and quick results. In under a month, Captain:

  • Designed a branded Locations page for guests to find their closest BP

  • Onboarded 80+ restaurants, and set up their online ordering menus, delivery zones, and hours of operation

  • Launched an integration with Deliverect for pickup and delivery to connect BP’s existing online ordering tools with the restaurant’s backend

  • Partnered with Open Node for Bitcoin payment options at all BPs

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“At Bitcoin Pizza, we were presented with the unique challenge of not only launching pickup and delivery, but also rolling out a Bitcoin payment processor. Captain took that task and ran with it, delivering on all of our needs and more in under a month. We are so pleased with the results of our partnership so far, and look forward to working with them on future projects.”

- Name, Position, Bitcoin Pizza

Guests Love Ordering Online from Bitcoin Pizza

Bitcoin Pizza has seen great results with their Captain-powered online ordering so far, and has seen an influx of orders in their first few weeks post-launch.

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